Timber Frame Building

Timber frame building is of great importance for the construction of modern buildings. ACS even is taking another step: for the completion of walls we combine the positive properties of timber frame building with other, healthy, and ecologic materials, so for instance in the case of insulating materials, plaster base boards, and many other products.

The many advantages of timber frame building are obvious:

  • carbon neutral
  • healthy indoor climate - centuries of use give proof (clay and lime)
  • manufacture at our plant regardless of weather conditions
  • quick assembly on site - in five days completely installed and rainproof
  • short construction period of about five months - eases the double burden of rent and building costs
  • very high dimensional and fitting accuracy by high degree of prefabrication
  • dry construction - no more drying out of new buildings as required in conventional construction:
    - wooden house: approx. 600 l of water in the building structure
    - solid construction: approx. 6,000 l of water - a brick takes 5 years to comply with the k-value, according to producers
  • the building is immediately wind- and weatherproof
  • free choice of fa├žade design
  • possible for all lay-outs, for single-family houses as well as for multi-family dwellings
  • characterized by its positive energy balance:
    - ACS Premium Wall (k-value 0.16) equal to a wall thickness of approx. 0.30m
    For comparison:

    - massive wall, e.g. cellular concrete (k-value 0.16) equal to a wall thickness of approx. 0.73m
  • more space by slimmer walls
  • spares you unnecessary dressing and chiselling of slots - and this allows for lower material and labour costs
  • different finishing stages - building owner will find it possible to engage in many crafts on his own and this means cost savings
  • of lasting value - in the near future, ecologic, healthy and energy-efficient wooden houses will play an increasingly important part. This means safety for the future, also in respect of upgrading tasks or modifications: lower energy costs, healthy indoor climate, and no disposal as hazardous waste.

Pre-assembly at ACS decisively shortens assembly time on site, and this helps to save money - for upgrading tasks and addition of another storey as well as for erecting a complete wooden house.