In winter 2000, Abbund Center Stutensee, abbreviated ACS, was founded by Andreas Leicht and Jens Schumann and for the time being was managed by the two of them.

Construction of premises and start of production in June 2001.

Two years later the company had more than doubled in size. The investment into a Weinmann mounting table for prefabricated construction units is paying out: ACS now is in a position to offer also qualified timber frame construction.

Apart from the two managing directors ACS already counts five staff members. Another step in the favourable development of our company consisted of the formation of ACS Abbund Center Stutensee GmbH. Sales have doubled since the start of the company in June 2001.

The range of services is extended again, supplementing it by the field of wood construction statics. The high volume of demand meanwhile allows for operation in three shifts with 12 people - the machines are operating around the clock.

ACS develops another sales market in France, our neighbouring country. The new Hundegger K3 - still the best machine for trimming - replaces its predecessor and sets new standards.

ACS is expanding continually. Since its formation the company again and again has supplemented the pallet of products, meanwhile offering its customers a wide range of products that includes contract trimming, elements, modular construction, and commercial construction.
The quality of products and services "Made in Stutensee" is recognized far beyond the borders of our country: So far we have supplied customers in France - from Alsace to Nice - in Ireland, Spain, and even in Nigeria. In a spirit of partnership firm business connections exist especially to the neighbouring market in Alsace that again and again prove of advantage for both partners.